Villa Kayajiwa - Modern inspired grandeur


“Villa Review : Villa Kayajiwa, represented by”,, published September 20th, 2019.
“10 Best Luxury Villas in Bali.”,, published July 5th, 2019.
“It is the perfect Canggu luxury villa for a family or group of friends with a love for contemporary design and a desire to experience Bali in style.” A stunningly chic four bedroom villa at Villa Kayajiwa, Tropical life magazine, published September – December 2018.
“Villa Kayajiwa oozes the kind of glamour and design chic that graces the covers of magazines.” Super stylish contemporary luxury villa in Canggu, Aspire Magazine, published September 2018.
“If modern edgy design is your thing, you won’t find a better backdrop for entertaining and impressing friends and family.” Stunning four – bedroom luxury villa in canggu oozes contemporary chic, The Yak Magazine Vol 60, published September – November, 2018.
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